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Our Philosophy

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Here’s how we see it:  We don’t carry everything, but we carry the right things.

What does this mean for you?

It means that all the cocktails supplies we carry have been tested, tasted, read, screened, evaluated, and approved by our owner and staff. If an item doesn't meet our standards and trials, we don’t stock it. It’s as simple as that.

We might test ten versions of an item type, and decide to stock two of them, or none of them. What we care about most is that each tool, ingredient, and book is thoughtfully evaluated, so you know that when you order anything from us, you’re getting a quality product. 

We stand behind every item we sell because we’ve tested and vetted them ourselves. The process is ongoing as we constantly seek out, research and evaluate new and improved gear and ingredients. If you have something for consideration get in touch with us!

What you won’t find here, are superfluous variations, or items that choose form over function. There are some really beautiful and interesting products out there, but if they don’t excel at the task they’re intended for, we don't carry them.

Same goes for books. Here we make note of the accuracy of information given. We won’t stock cocktail recipe books that give poor or incorrect technical instructions. We believe anyone can make a delicious cocktail themselves, when shown proper technique and given the right tools and ingredients to create it. Any books that insist otherwise, is not included in the Libation Library.