Our Philosophy

The right things instead of “everything”

Instead of carrying everything, we carry the right things. We have the tools used by professional bartenders and home bartenders alike. Rather than cheap and unusable tool sets with shakers that stick and handles that bend, we carry durable, easy to use, professional tools that will stand up to years of use on the home bar. Our syrups and ingredients are high quality, made from natural ingredients with an eye toward freshness and depth. No synthetic chemical flavors here! And our glassware is the same elegant and durable glassware that you will find at your favorite craft cocktail bar. Dishwasher safe and ready for every type of drink!

Each of the more than 500 products we carry have been put to the test and given The Boston Shaker nod of approval by our owner and staff. You know that when you order anything from us, you’re getting a quality product. Our product mix blends tools and ingredients that have stood the test of time, classics for decades in the field, and new innovative items, with the cutting edge of cocktail books and instruction as well. It’s easy to be overwhelmed in the world of home bartending, but with The Boston Shaker, you will always find yourself with expert advice and careful curation. 

We’re always on the hunt for the best in bartending, if you have a product you think we should know about please get in touch with us!