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The Boston Shaker cocktail supply shop was founded in 2008 to help savvy sippers make craft cocktails!

In 2007 our founder, Adam Lantheaume, was fully immersed in the modern renaissance of the craft cocktail scene. A regular at the infamous B-Side Lounge in Cambridge, MA; Adam’s cocktail knowledge was forged by legendary Boston bartenders Brother Cleve, Misty Kalkofen, Jackson Cannon, Dave Cagle, and Joe ‘The Lion’ McGuirk. Once Lantheaume began to search for supplies to create classic cocktails at home, he struggled to find the correct tools and ingredients. Adam’s first professional Boston Shaker was gifted to him from the B-side lounge! 

In the fall of 2008, Adam opened The Boston Shaker as a pop-up shop in the back of the home decor store ‘Grand’ in Union Square in Somerville, MA. 

In 2010, The Boston Shaker opened its flagship store on Holland Street in Davis Square, Somerville, MA where it continues to this day!

The Boston Shaker is now owned and operated by Lonnie Newburn of Somerville, MA. After becoming the Store Manager in 2016 and mentoring with Adam; Newburn purchased the business in 2018 with the same mission: To help professionals and home bartenders make delicious craft cocktails! 

With a background in small business management & craft distilling; Lonnie has brought a renewed passion for modern mixology and expanded the shop's product and educational offerings. The Boston Shaker's team of cocktail consultants remains dedicated to reviewing and bringing the best cocktail tools, ingredients, books and glassware to our savvy sipping customers. 

To learn more about our store philosophy, and how we test and curate each item we carry, you can read more here.