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Adam wanted to make a better cocktail.

And back in 2007, our founder became lovingly obsessed with a bar called B-Side Lounge in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Adam was a tech dude working at Akamai, and would venture over to the bar after work. Over time, he had many conversations with the bartenders, began learning the details of their craft, and yearned to be able to recreate a great drink for himself when he wasn’t at the bar.

Back then, Adam couldn’t locate any of the interesting ingredients the bars in town were using in their cocktails. In an effort to expand his home bar horizons, Adam began ordering bitters, like Regan’s and Peychauds, online and by the case. He soon discovered other brands and ingredients, and began to do the same with them. Quickly, what began as ordering some extras for his friends turned into requests from bartenders - and then from the bars themselves.

In fall of 2008, fully immersed in the world of craft cocktails, Adam opened a popup shop in the back of the now-closed Grand home decor store in Union Square in Somerville, Massachusetts. In 2010, The Boston Shaker shop opened our flagship store on Holland Street in Davis Square, Somerville.

What was initially a need to bring hard-to-find cocktail tools and ingredients to those who wanted them has over time moved to a need to curate the many, many items that now exist on the market.

The Boston Shaker is proud to be a part of such a wonderful and thriving cocktail community, and continues to evolve to serve both those new to the world of cocktails, and industry pros looking for the next new thing.



To learn more about our philosophy, and how we test and curate each item we carry, you can read more here