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El Guapo Bitters Spiced Cocoa Tea Bitters, 100ml

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Great in whiskey or rum drinks.

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Product Details

From the Maker:

A labor of love, these bitters are made with naturally and traditionally grown, fermented, dried, and stone ground cacao and other spices from St. Lucia as well as local produce from New Orleans. Extreme chocolate notes are complemented by lighter spices and oaky whiskey with a bitter finish and light tingling sensation drawn out from the local cayenne peppers.

These bitters capture the essence of traditional Cocoa Tea and pay homage to that drink's lineage from the xocolatl drinks of ancient Central America and the mole sauces made there now. This is everything you want your chocolate bitters to be.

Pairing: These work well with all liquors, but we're especially fond of using them with bourbon, rye whiskey and rum. They're a popular flavor addition for tiki style drinks, along with Manhattans, an Old Fashioned and even milk punch.

No Sugar Added
Gluten Free
Paleo Friendly

100 mL
3.4 oz

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