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Have a look at these specialized categories to find some of our favorite and most popular products. Whether you're looking for the newest items to cross our threshold or what ingredients we're using this season, we have all the expertise of our staff on display to meet your cocktail and mocktail needs. 

Bootblack Spiced Honey Hot Toddy Syrup, 8oz

When the weather turns chilly, nothing warms your bones like a hot toddy. With this syrup from Bootblack, handcrafted in chilly New England, just add your favorite whiskey, brandy, or rum, and hot water. Perfect for a cozy evening by the fire!

$ 16.00

Bootblack Traditional Old Fashioned Syrup, 8oz

Everything you need for an Old Fashioned. Just add the whiskey! Or shake it up with some lemon for a spiced Whiskey Sour.

$ 16.00

Bootblack Modern Old Fashioned Syrup, 8oz

Smoky and spiced, this syrup brings a modern edge to the classic Old Fashioned.

$ 16.00

Bootblack Classic Citrus Tonic Syrup, 8oz

Make your own tonic water with this bright and bitter syrup! Ideal for summer evenings on the porch or patio.

$ 16.00

Bootblack Cranberry Jalapeno Lime Syrup, 8oz

A great blend of fruit and spicy heat!

$ 16.00