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Our cocktail consultants have brought their expertise to our kits and gift sets, ensuring that our savvy sippers can find the items they need. Whether you're looking to experiment with a sampler set of bitters or get all the tools you need for your home bar, this collection of products will provide all your gift and kit needs. 

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The Shaker Set - Japanese Jigger

The core tools you need to jumpstart your home bar. With the Shaker Set, you'll be able to measure, shake, and strain with perfect ease for delicious consistent cocktails and mocktails.

$ 25.00

Scrappy's The New Classics Bitters Set, 4x .5oz bottles

Lavender, Cardamom, Black Lemon, and Orleans

$ 24.00

Scrappy's Essentials Bitters Set, 4x .5oz bottles

Orange, Aromatic, Chocolate, and Firewater

$ 24.00

Strongwater Herbal Bitters Sample Set, 5 x .5oz Bottles

A collection of small bottles to experiment with.

$ 30.00

The Mini Bar: 100 Essential Cocktail Recipes; 8 Notebook Set; by PUNCH Magazine

An eye-catching collection of 100 recipes for cocktail enthusiasts

$ 20.00

Strongwater CBD Bitters Sample Set, 5 x .5oz Bottles

A collection of small bottles to experiment with.

$ 60.00

King Floyd's Bitters Gift Set, 5x .5oz Bottles

Great set to experiment with.

$ 30.00

The Stainless Steel Shaker Set - Japanese Jigger

Our Shaker Set now in stainless steel! Whether you prefer metal or glass, the Shaker Set will prepare you to make all your favorite cocktails with the three essential tools: a jigger to measure, a shaker to shake or stir, and a Hawthorne strainer to serve

$ 25.00

Portland Bitters Project Gin Kit, Rose/Woodland/Lavender, 3x0.5oz

Three bitters to try with your favorite gin cocktails!

$ 24.00

Portland Bitters Project Whiskey Kit, Aromatic/Cacao/Super Spice, 3x0.5oz

Three bitters to try with your favorite whiskey cocktails!

$ 24.00

W&P The Cocktail Canteen

Everything you need for making cocktails on the go!

$ 40.00

Tin on Tin Boston Shaker, Weighted 18oz & 28oz

Easy to seal and easy to open, the Tin on Tin Boston Shaker is a favorite for both home and professional bartenders around the world.

$ 15.00

Tiki Kit, by The Boston Shaker

Jumpstart your tiki bar with this great set.

$ 85.00

Cocktail Kingdom David Wondrich Sazerac Kit

Everything you need for the perfect Sazerac: 2 glasses, Spoon, & Julep Strainer.

$ 69.00

The Citrus Kit

Everything you need for your home bar juice station.

$ 40.00

Twelve24 Cocktail Shaker Tin Set

Durable cocktail tins designed for years of use and perfect for gifts. This is our hometown favorite, born here in Boston and celebrating our traditions of hospitality and fine drink-making. The mirror finish adds extra elegance for your home bar!

$ 20.00

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