Shaker Faves

Come try a rotating selection of our favorite ingredients!

One of the hallmarks of our famous Bitters' Bar is our 'Shaker Fave' labels, marking flavors and products we're especially excited about that month. We're excited to bring part of that experience to the website and to highlight what we're really loving in this rotating category!

Spring flowers are starting to bloom in our neighborhood and our drinking habits are changing to match. This time of year, we're drinking more highballs and spritzes with citrus and herbal notes to celebrate the new greenery. As crocuses and snowdrops give way to daffodils and tulips, we're mixing up drinks with gin and soda water, with lavender bitters and lemon mint shrubs. These ingredients are perfect for sitting out on a lawn for a picnic, walking through a botanical garden, or watching those April showers from your porch!