Shaker Faves

Come try a rotating selection of our favorite ingredients!

One of the hallmarks of our famous Bitters' Bar is our 'Shaker Fave' labels, marking flavors and products we're especially excited about that month. We're excited to bring part of that experience to the website and to highlight what we're really loving in this rotating category!

Summer is all about bright berries and crushed ice. With juice running down your chin and adventures aplenty, there’s always a need to kick back and enjoy a refreshing cocktail or mocktail. This summer we’re sipping prickly pear highballs on the patio, tropical treats by the pool, and herbaceous martinis while fireflies wink in the night air. For fun with friends, family, and all by ourselves, the summer sippers category has all the tools and ingredients for cocktails and mocktails at the sunniest time of the year!