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Miracle Mile Celery Bitters, 4oz

Fresh celery flavor, great in a Bloody Mary!

$ 26.00

Miracle Mile Yuzu Bitters, 4oz

Bright citrus makes a unique bottle of bitters.

$ 26.00

Miracle Mile Toasted Pecan Bitters, 4oz

Nutty spice for your Old Fashioned or Brandy Alexander. These bitters are a SHAKER FAVE with rye whiskey and maple syrup in the fall, with bourbon and lemon in the summer, and in coffee, hot or iced, all year round. They bring a depth of flavor that invit

$ 26.00

Miracle Mile Orange Bitters, 4oz

Bitter citrus peel, juniper, and cinchona bark. Use in a Martini or Manhattan!

$ 26.00

Miracle Mile Castilian Bitters, 4oz

Ingredients:Licorice, Dandelion Root, Gentian, Cardamom, Grains of Paradise, and other spices.

$ 26.00

Miracle Mile Forbidden Bitters, 4oz

Aromatic bitters with exotic spices. These are perfect of a Rum Old Fashioned or adding extra depth to your tiki cocktails.

$ 26.00

Miracle Mile Bergamot Bitters, 4oz

Pair with rum, gin, or bourbon.

$ 26.00