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Royal Rose Barrel-Rested Maple Syrup, 8 oz.

Made by aging pure Organic Maine Maple Syrup from Frontier Sugarworks of Jackman, Maine in Split Rock Distilling's Organic Bourbon Whiskey Barrels here in Newcastle, ME. Our Barrel Rested Maple Syrup is the perfect way to embrace winter! With a deep, ri

$ 12.00

Hot Ginger-Lime Syrup, 8 oz.

Made from scratch in Newcastle, ME, our Royal Rose Hot Ginger-Lime Syrup heightens every taste bud. The infusion of organic ginger, jalapeƱo peppers, and lime juice creates a spicy and fruity profile, which gently dissipates for a refreshing finish. Spi

$ 12.00

Blackberry Syrup, 8 oz.

Good news, if you've never experienced sun-riped blackberries delivered to you by your sweet neighbors, we've got your back! With fresh organic blackberries, organic unbleached sugar, and some magic (aka science) we've bottled the essence of late summer s

$ 12.00