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Strongwater Wildfire Bitters, 3oz

Habanero, jalapeno, green chiles, kaffir lime

$ 22.00

Strongwater Tamer Bitters, 3oz

Ginger, lemon peel, fennel, clove, gentian, barberry root

$ 22.00

Strongwater Riza Bitters, 3oz

Notes of citrus and anise. Excellent in a Sazerac.

$ 22.00

Strongwater CBD Orange Bitters, 3oz

Orange bitters enhanced with CBD.

$ 40.00

Strongwater Amores Bitters, 3oz

Perfect for whiskey, rum, and brandy drinks.

$ 22.00

CBD Cherry Bourbon Bitters, 3oz

Cherry bourbon bitters enhanced with CBD.

$ 40.00