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El Guapo Orgeat Syrup, 8.5oz

Classic almond syrup with a touch of rich spice.

$ 16.00

El Guapo Cuban Bitters, 100ml

Notes of cinnamon and mace complement the overtones of sour lime and orange in this recipe.

$ 24.00

El Guapo Fuego Bitters, 100ml

Created with Texas and Mexico in mind, these bitters are sour and spicy, with notes of grapefruit, lime, cilantro, habanero, jalapeƱo and cumin.

$ 24.00

El Guapo Summer Berries Bitters, 100ml

Fruity and fresh.

$ 24.00

El Guapo Holiday Pie Bitters, 100ml

Warming notes of cinnamon spice.

$ 24.00

El Guapo Love Potion #9 Bitters, 100ml

Floral bitters that say "I love you."

$ 24.00

El Guapo Polynesian Kiss Bitters, 4oz

Spice up your tiki cocktails.

$ 24.00

El Guapo Cucumber & Lavender Bitters, 100ml

Excellent in a Pimm's Cup or French 75, try these in a spicy margarita or a gin cocktail!

$ 24.00

El Guapo Chicory Pecan Bitters, 100ml

A nice complement to bourbon, rye, and whiskey.

$ 24.00