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The Shaker Set - Japanese Jigger

The core tools you need to jumpstart your home bar. With the Shaker Set, you'll be able to measure, shake, and strain with perfect ease for delicious consistent cocktails and mocktails.

$ 25.00

The Stainless Steel Shaker Set - Japanese Jigger

Our Shaker Set now in stainless steel! Whether you prefer metal or glass, the Shaker Set will prepare you to make all your favorite cocktails with the three essential tools: a jigger to measure, a shaker to shake or stir, and a Hawthorne strainer to serve

$ 25.00

Crude Bitters Sample Set, 6x .5oz

Six, half-ounce bottles of Crude's most popular bitters!

$ 30.00

The Bitter Housewife Classic Bitters Set, 50ml.

Cardamom Bitters, Old Fashioned Aromatic Bitters, and Orange Bitters.

$ 30.00

Be Your Own Bartender by Carey Jones

Be Your Own Bartender by Carey Jones

A Sure-Fire Guide to Finding (and Making) Your Perfect Cocktail

$ 25.00 $ 20.95

Antique Bitters Bottle with Dasher, 4oz

Your home blends of bitters will always look elegant on your bar in this beautiful bottle.

$ 16.00

Angostura Cocoa Bitters, 4 oz.

The third bitters in 200 years from the iconic HOUSE OF ANGOSTURA.

$ 12.00

Portland Bitters Project Gin Kit, Rose/Woodland/Lavender, 3 x 0.5oz

Three bitters to try with your favorite gin cocktails!

$ 24.00

Portland Bitters Project Whiskey Kit, Aromatic/Cacao/Super Spice, 3 x 0.5oz

Three bitters to try with your favorite whiskey cocktails!

$ 24.00

Tovolo King Cube 2x2" Ice Tray, Deep Indigo

A tray of 6 x 2" cubes.

$ 10.00

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