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Strongwater Creole Bitters, 3oz

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Notes of citrus and anise. Excellent in a Sazerac.

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Brand: Strongwater
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Product Details

From the maker:

Known as "The Bartender's Favorite" in our Colorado home, Creole is a perfectly balanced and versatile blend of bold herbs, citrus, and mountain botanicals. Combined aromatics of Orange citrus, licorice, anise, and rose will transport you to another place and time. This will quickly become your Sazeracs' best friend.  

Botanicals: Orange, licorice, anise, rose hips, black peppercorn, and allspice
Benefits: Immunity, pain and stress relief, anti-depressant, more...
Pairings: Absinthe, gin, vodka, whiskey, bourbon, tea, bubble water

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