6 Highball Cocktails That Are Perfect for Spring – Bon Appetit

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Featured item: Highball glass

Pretty pretty pictures of lovely beverages.  We’re fans of the Americano around these parts, but the Paloma ranks pretty high up there, too.

View the whole slideshow here -> 6 Highball Cocktails That Are Perfect for Spring – Bon Appétit.

Cool New Bitters Showcase Salty, Sweet, Savory, and Sour | Serious Eats: Drinks

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Take a look at this quote from Kevin Liu’s (author of Craft Cocktails at Home) article below – please be sure to check out the whole thing!

Don’t let the simple names of these bitters fool you: they are far from one-note wonders. Rather, these are full-flavored bitters packed with spices and herbs, though they are formulated more for base notes than to add an aromatic punch.

The ‘sweet‘ bitters taste only mildly sweet, but they add a rich, cotton-candy like sensation to a drink (the effect is subtle, not overpowering). ‘Sour‘ most closely resembles an orange bitters, but with less bitterness on the palate and slightly more acidity than you’d typically find in bitters. It makes your mouth water. The ‘Salt‘ bitters taste the most like their namesake, but with the addition of supporting flavors (I suspect cinnamon and rosemary, but it was hard to tell). I could see it being used as an upgraded version of saline solution.

Of the four bitters I tried, the one that really stood out was ‘Umami.’ Best described in English as ‘savory,’ the umami flavor naturally occurs in seaweed, mushrooms, tomatoes, and some cheeses. As I tasted the umami bitters, I found myself picking out different nuances of those ingredients as the flavors played on my tongue. It was earthy and rich, like a slice of well-aged country ham. I found myself wanting to taste it again and again.

Emphasis his, added links ours.

Please be sure to check out the whole write-up via Cool New Bitters Showcase Salty, Sweet, Savory, and Sour | Serious Eats: Drinks.

Falernum: A Short Summary

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B.G. Reynolds FalernumAlthough the word falernum can refer to a number of different things, in the context of Tiki drinks, it’s usually either a syrup featuring lime, ginger, and spices, or a low-alcohol cordial from the West Indies called Velvet Falernum that has a similar flavor profile.

If a recipe calls for falernum without specifying which kind, try it with the syrup first. Besides the essential lime and ginger, the other ingredients in a falernum syrup will vary slightly from maker to maker, but often include allspice or clove, and sometimes orange blossom water or almond.

We recommend B.G. Reynold’s excellent take on the syrup– it’s fresh and full-bodied, with just the right balance of sweetness, spice, and tartness. Give it a taste!


Dutch’s Bitters @ The Boston Shaker

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Just hitting our shelves, Dutch’s Bitters. They’re made at a craft distillery on an old bootlegging farm in New York. Each one is inspired by a period in American History and extra tasty.

When the samples arrived into the shop we cracked them open immediately. Every one of us who tried them did an audible “Wow!” after each taste.

Dutch's Bitters

We like them and think you will too.

Buy ‘em individually or grab the American Era Variety pack to get 1-ouncers of all three flavors in one shot.

Boozy holiday gift guide – Boston.com

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Boozy holiday gift guide - Food - Boston.com

Check it out – our Yarai Kit on Boston.com.

The Boston Shaker in Somerville is offering a Yarai gift pack this holiday that also includes a long-handled bar spoon and Modern Mixologist’s sexy, stainless steel julep strainer;

They also picked the kickin’ Boston glasses we sell by TheUncommonGreen. Make sure to check out the other boozy gift ideas, too!

via Boozy holiday gift guide – Food – Boston.com.

Exclusive & New Products

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Are you looking for something unique? Something unusual for the discerning cocktail-enthusiast who seems to have everything? Or something just right to show a special someone how much you care? Well, the Boston Shaker has a number of delightful products, perfect for the particular and hard-to-shop-for, including:

Hand-stitched canvas ice-crushing bags

Ice Crushing BagJust fill with ice and go to town with a mallet, muddler, or paperweight and get perfectly crushed ice whenever you want it! The absorbant canvas soaks up water left over from the crushing process, so you’re left with a sack full of ice that’s just right for a julep, bramble, tiki drink, or any other beverage that call for crushed ice. Available in a variety of colors and two sizes. And it’s fun to use, too!

TwelveTwentyFour Bags

1224 Bar Tool BagHandsome, durable bar bags for all seasons! These bags, available in a large holds-a-small-bar size and a smaller on-the-go-tool-bag size, are perfect for the hard-working bartender on the go or the home cocktail-maker who wants to be able to whip up that perfect Manhattan whether they find themselves at the in-laws’ house or a cabin in the woods.

Handblown Glass Tiki Mugs

Hand Blown Tiki Glass MugMade right here in the Boston area by a local bartender/glassblower, these beautiful mugs are based on vintage tiki designs. Just the thing for the Tiki enthusiast in your life– but one look at these and even the dry martini set might be start reaching for a mai tai!

Jackson Cannon bar knife

Jackson Cannon Bar KnifeDeveloped by one of the doyens of the thriving Boston cocktail scene, Jackson Cannon, we are proud to present this lovely bar knife. Made in Massachusetts by a knife company with more than a century of experience, the stainless steel blade is perfect for cutting up limes, lemons, oranges, or any other ingredients that need to be in more pieces than they are right now. Full tang construction and a durable wooden handle make it a knife for the ages.

With Honors: 12 Stylish Graduation Gifts | Boston Magazine

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Boston Magazine Graduation Gifts

We made Boston Magazine’s list of big style for grads. Check it!

6. Japanese-style stainless steel jigger, $9, the Boston Shaker.

7. Woodbury Pewter julep cup, $36, the Boston Shaker.

8. Sparq soapstone whiskey rocks, $25 for 12, the Boston Shaker.

Thanks Boston Mag!

via With Honors: 12 Stylish Graduation Gifts.

The Best Ingredients for Your Home Bar: Spirits, Bitters, and Mixers: bonappetit.com

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Thanks again for thinking of us, Bon Appetit!

Home Bar Ingredients

BTW BA, we love the Scrappy’s Celery in gin, too! (A few dashes are also great in soda water)

Via The Best Ingredients for Your Home Bar: Spirits, Bitters, and Mixers: BA Daily: bonappetit.com.

Thanks Bon Appetit! – Nick & Nora Glasses and Barker & Mills Cherries

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Nick & Nora Glass


The Nick & Nora glass looks lovely! They’re one of our favorite glasses too. Anything that’s served “up” or in a “martini glass” is extra elegant in a Nick & Nora.

We’re psyched to see that the Barker & Mills Cherries were so well received! (And sorry to run out of them so quickly.)

Ryan pits each cherry by hand, and hand-numbers each jar, so there’s only so many available each year. We’ve already started a waiting list for the ones we’re expecting near the end of 2013, so if you’re interested please contact us and we’ll put some aside for you.

via Manhattan: Recipe: bonappetit.com.